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Frederico Costa

“I was seized by a feeling of peace and continuity, not an end.”

At the age of nineteen, Lucas Olles suffered a stroke (cerebrovascular accident) and ended up in hospital. After eight hours in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), the situation became even more severe when he had a seizure, followed by a cardiorespiratory arrest and a second stroke. For the Youtube channel After All Who Are We, Lucas says that at this moment, he died. “I woke up out of my body, in the corner of the ICU looking at my body,” says Lucas. Then, he saw the moment when his body had a cardiopulmonary arrest, with all the movement of doctors…

The list of confirmed and canceled events in 2021 Pride Month.

Photo by Brian Kyed on Unsplash

The 2021 Philadelphia Gay Pride will happen on September 4 at Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing. There is little information on Philadelphia Pride Presents’ website yet, but the organizers confirm the event. Traditionally happening in June, the LGBTQ+ Pride Month, the event was moved to September. Last year the Pride in Philadelphia had to be canceled because of the Pandemic.

Philadelphia Burbs

The local Pride Fest in New Hope, PA, will be back only in 2022. A note on the event’s website informs the Annual Pride Parade is scheduled for May 13 to 15th of 2021. It begins at 11:30 am, starting…

Anitta Takes Her New Single “Girl From Rio” to Today’s Show, NBC, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC in Retro-Inspired Presentations.

After releasing her new single Girl From Rio on April 30th, the Brazilian pop star Anitta presented her new song to Today Show, NBC, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC. Fusing traditional bossa nova with trap melodies, the single pays tribute to Brazilian women and samples the ’60 hit “Garota de Ipanema” (“The Girl From Ipanema”). The lyrics of the English-language track show a fewer glamourous Rio than the one delivered by Bossa Nova to the world in 1962. Girl From Rio has a great summer vibe where Anitta presents her perception of her hometown.

Anitta is already a super pop…

Do You Believe In The Spiritual World Or Reincarnation?

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

The Bible and holy books from different religions talk about spirits, reincarnation and, beings from outside of Earth. You can ask friends and strangers if they believe in all those things, and you’ll get a bunch of yes. Going deeper into this conversation, some of those people will become not so sure. So, do they believe it or not? It’s like a story I heard in Brazil that helps us understand it.

A priest from the hinterland of Northeast Brazil, the driest region in the country, called the faithful to the church for everyone to pray together, asking God or…

A tax-free toll that helps diversify your retirement funds.

Photo by Daniel Barnes on Unsplash

During my four years as a licensed life and health insurance agent, I was considered one of the best new agents at the company I worked. My numbers made me travel to seminars in Dallas, TX, and Las Vegas, NE, staying in luxury hotels paid by the company. The good numbers come from a different approach I used to the prospects, asking them to talk about retirement, not death benefits. Life insurance is about your life at the end of the line, not death, and it’s a valuable tool with many benefits for your finance.

Do Wealthy People Need Life Insurance?

In their case, life insurance…

The kids in my neighborhood played many songs from MTV 100 that year on Sundays evenings in parties we used to call American Parties

Photo by mayte wisniewski on Unsplash

The first song that came to my mind is Losing My Religion, REM. It was 1988, and I was a 13 years old boy living in a small city in Brazil. The country was ending a dictatorship chapter in its history, and my mind was full of dreams for my future. At that time, I could understand only a few words in English, but Michael Stipe’s vocals were like a magnet to my ears. We used to record songs on the radio on cassette tapes, and I got a very good one, with no interruptions by the Dj or advertisements…

Com 700 Reais No Bolso, Entrei Em Um Ônibus e Fui Viver A Vida

Festinha do pessoal da TV, em Uberaba. Em 1992, acho.

Foi assim, um dia eu decidi que queria ser o próximo William Bonner do jornalismo brasileiro. Pedi demissão dos dois empregos que eu tinha, como repórter em um jornal impresso e como apresentador e repórter de um telejornal local. Com o dinheiro das minhas rescisões de trabalho comprei a passagem e levei comigo os 700 Reais que sobraram. Esse era todo o dinheiro que eu tinha. Peguei minha mochila, entrei num ônibus para o Rio de Janeiro e fui viver minha vida lá. Isso aconteceu em…

Or in a house made by a 3D Printer?

Picture yourself living in a house planned to be self-sufficient in energy, clean water, vegetable production, garbage management, and sewage treatment. Or in one built by a 3D printer after you chose a model online. Both are completely real, and one of them can be yours or my next house. Who knows?

By Biodiesel33 — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Our friend Wikipedia says, “The Earthship architecture concept began to take shape in the 1970s. The architect Michael Reynolds wanted to create a home that would do three things,” easy to build, be made with recycled materials, rely on natural energy sources.

This type of house has its…

Frederico Costa

The stories here are about happiness, frustrations you may feel, trends, lessons learned, stories we all can relate to, LGBTQ, the environment, and Brazil.

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