Lula da Silva advances against Bolsonaro after recovering political rights.

Reunite Brazilian left-wing is one of the things to be done to stop the far right-wing.

Frederico Costa
3 min readMar 15, 2021
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As a Brazilian leftist, I have to say it’s the first time in years I fell so much hope in my heart. In a speech on March 8th, former president Lula da Silva gave the Brazilian left-wing what they were looking for: leadership, hope, and lots of political stamina.

The former Brazilian President had his electoral rights restored last March 8th. On the day after it, Lula reunited the press, allies, and politics from his political party at the Metalurgic Workers Union in Sao Bernando do Campo, the great Sao Paulo area.

“Combative ex-president could unite the left against rightwing leader in 2022 race.”

Financial Times

The speech

For more than two years, Brazilians live under the destructive administration of Jair Bolsonaro, a right-wing politician. Listening now to a former president talking about healing the country, helping the poorest, and getting the country out of this mess is a relief and gives the people hope.

The former president said he’s working on the political backstage and mentioned he’s going to talk to political allies and all other stakeholders to create new political alternatives. Reunite the political left-wing is one of the things to be done.

The incumbent President made pandemic become the catastrophe we’ve seen. Lula addressed in his speech the Supreme Court decision and emergency actions Bolsonaro’s administration should put in place immediately, like expand the vaccination and approve financial aid for the Brazilian work-class. Brazil’s health system is working over capacity for months in 19 of the 27 states.

Lava Jato

Financial Times

On July 12th of 2017, federal judge Sergio Moro condemned Lula to almost ten years in prison. Moro was the judge responsible for the biggest political operation against corruption in Brazil. But, guess what? In Brazil, the jurist community is now condemning the Lava Jato (car wash) operation after chock messages between judges and prosecutors emerged on national TV. The messages suggest Moro and his team were politically chasing Lula da Silva, taking him out of the 2018 elections in Brazil.

For Brazil’s left-wing, it was a coup against their young democracy. After a Supreme Court decision on March 22nd of 2018, Lula da Silva was released from jail, where he spent 580 days in Federal Police facilities in Brasilia, the country’s capital.

According to Brazil’s laws, it could never judge it out of Sao Paulo justice jurisdiction. Based on that, Edson Fachin, a Supreme Court judge, dropped all cases against the former president.

Why did the justice not give Lula his electoral rights four years ago as they could? It is still unanswered.

The Brazilian Supreme Court dropped all cases against Lula da Silva, recovering him the political rights. The Lava Jato was big, sending to jail lawmakers, mayors, and big Brazilian company owners, who were supposedly involved in a huge corruption scam. Because of the profs against Sergio Moro, making him goes to Court will judge his impartiality in this case.



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