The Next Big Gay Party: Rio Carnaval 2022!

With the raising of the vaccination against Covid, Brazilians are excited to have Carnaval back on February 25th till March 2nd of 2022.

Frederico Costa
4 min readOct 5, 2021


Photo by Berg Silva. Boitolo, Rio, 2019.

While it’s time for the gay guys here in the US to get quieter at home waiting for the cold weather, in Brazil, they are getting out of winter, warming up for the summer, and the Carnaval, in February. Even going through the country’s worst economic and political history moment, Brazilians are excited about the strong possibility of having our big popular celebration back.

Because of the Pandemic, Rio and other cities had to cancel Carnaval in 2020 and 2021. After two years with a hole in the national calendar, I believe it’ll be one of the best. Reasons for it? Brazilians like me are thirsty for a good party with beer, music, colorful costumes with funny appeals, Samba, and lots of kisses. Carnaval is Brazil’s biggest party, and it works like a “Time Break” from the problems. Of course, the issues will still be there after the Carnaval, but we can have some fun and distraction to relax and keep doing the hard part.

It’s a Gay Party

It’s a popular party for everyone, but LGBTQA+ people are the queens and kings of the celebration. Despite the homophobia that we usually see in Brazilian society, almost all parties and blocks are gay-friendly during the Carnaval. The fun happens in the streets, where many bands walk around the neighbors playing Carnaval songs with hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions following, singing along and having fun. It’s a festival of thousands of handsome guys kissing each other, sometimes in front of a beach, other times in the middle of the historic colonial streets of Rio central area.

Blocks like Banda de Ipanema, Carmelitas, and Boitolo are some good gay-friendly options.

Photos by Berg Silva. Boitolo, Rio, 2019.

How Much Does It Cost?

To spend around ten days in Rio during Carnaval in 2022, you’ll need something like three thousand dollars total. After a quick research, I found out these numbers:

Flight Tickets

An economic seat in a flight from JFK Airport in New York to Rio International Airport costs now US$900.

A Place To Sleep

There are several options with different prices, from a room for one person in a Novotel, close to the beach, for US$1.300 for six days to an Air Bnb apartment for four people for US$ 800 total. After having spent many Carnavals in Rio, my advice is to get a place with a good bed because that is what you will need after drinking, dancing, and following the blocks during the day.

Food and Other Expenses

Since my first time on an international trip in 2008, I have used the One Hundred Dollars Per Day rule. It’s usually enough money on average to pay for the food, transportation, and drinks in a day. So, if you’re planning to spend ten days in Rio, one thousand dollars will be enough to have your meals, get subway or Uber, and buy some beers. Following the blocks on the streets is free as kissing handsome guys are as well.


Much slower than expected, Brazil is vaccinating its population and getting people back to normality in some areas, with the contagious rate and deaths finally decreasing.

The country is in its worst scenario. Our president is playing Donald Trump’s game with worse impacts than what we have seen here in the USA. Fourteen percent are unemployed, and society debates race, politics, rights, racism, and homophobia. I know it’s complex understanding that for Brazilians, the best thing to do in the middle of this apocalypse is to take 7 seven days off in a week to drink and dance with friends and other millions around the country. Don’t try to understand it if it’s hard for you. Carnaval is about having fun, not worrying. Enjoy it!

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