The Revolution Predicted By a Brazilian Medium.

All predictions made by the Brazilian medium Chico Xavier were confirmed till now by science. One of the most important affirmations about our future he made close before he died in 1994. It was about a deadline given to humanity by the spiritual world. According to him, if we did not destroy ourselves in a nuclear war by 2019, we couldn’t even imagine all the progress humanity would see in science and medicine after that.

After almost thirty years, we have seen some of these things happening, and I can show you some examples later, but the Brazilian medium makes it interesting. Mr. Xavier was born poor and died poor, despite being the author of more than 500 books. He gave up the money from his rights as an author for the charity. Mr. Xavier used to say that as those books were dictated to him by the spirits, the funds should go to charity, not to him. It makes him highly trustworthy to me.

He never got a penny of that money and gave all his life to help others. He said on live tv in 1971 in Brazil that there was water on our moon. In October of 2020, Nasa has announced they found water on our moon. Also, in 71, the Brazilian mentioned that medicine would use plastic hearts in transplants to save lives, and we can see it happening now.

Paul Hellyer, former Canada’s Secretary of Defense, says that when aliens saw the atomic bomb, they decided that we were a significant threat to the cosmos.

He said the world would go through many transformations, which, in my view, is what we’re living. Social and financial systems are in a crash. A big part of society pays their tax without any benefits, and more and more people are getting tired of it and asking for change.

A revolution has been happening in the work market since the pandemic. Companies are losing people that now want to spend more time with their families than at work. A new experiment in London is another sign we’re going into deep transformations. Seven thousand people start in June to work one day less in a week without cuts in their salaries. The experiment wants to check this change’s impact on people’s lives. It’s also a start point for the movements claiming changes in the workforce worldwide.

There is no transformation without destroying old models, and we’re witnessing a revolution that will change everything. We’ve lived a conservative wave in different countries in the last ten years. It’s resulting in a new chapter of society fighting back not to lose consolidated civil rights like abortion and gay marriage.

The situation can put us in a big push for more equality and a guarantee of civil rights for more people. The world is transforming, and I prefer to believe we’re about to live good times in the future. However, before it, we have to solve our problems, and events like the pandemic force us to advance in all areas.

But changes do not happen as a download. There is no change in the world if we don’t change ourselves and the world around us.



I’m a gay American-Brazilian living in the Sao Paulo area since 2022, after nine years in Philly, USA. I’ve written professionally for the last 30 years.

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Fred Costa

I’m a gay American-Brazilian living in the Sao Paulo area since 2022, after nine years in Philly, USA. I’ve written professionally for the last 30 years.