The story of the 28 yo guy that becomes a foster father of 9 kids at once.

My best friend’s story of a family crisis that changes his life during the pandemic.

The little heads had to be shaved to contain the lice, and they noticed skin wounds, which can be scabies.

One of the children has juvenile alopecia; they appear to be underweight for their ages; none of them are at school. They are beautiful children with pain in their sad eyes.

Government Aid

The United States is the wealthiest country globally, but the disregard for the population that needs more help is similar to Brazil’s. How much does it cost to care for nine children? Food, clothing, doctor, education, medicine, how much does it all cost? It is expensive, and public aid is not nearly enough.



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Fred Costa

I’m a gay American-Brazilian living in the Philadelphia area since 2013, and I’ve written professionally for the last 28 years. English/Portuguese.